Free Spins

One of the joys of playing free casino games is when players reach the free spin stage. In general, free spins come as part of bonus features with casino slots without any charges.

Free spins can be gained from a bonus feature while playing or be part of a promotion where the free spins are given on a particular slot game. Free spins are in most cases awarded by online casinos to allow the players try their games for free but at social casinos players are provided with fun-play coins and they use them to play.

Different fun-play online casinos have different ways that players can use to top up these options. Also, there is a different type of free spin where when players get certain predetermined symbols on their reels, they will trigger a free spins feature and the game will run through it automatically. In most cases, the free spins screen looks different to the main screen which adds some level of interest.

Free Spins Explained

Free spins are the spins that an online casino provides its players without any charges. Players do not need to pay with cash from their accounts. Many online casinos provide free spins to their players either as a promotion or a bonus feature. Also, they can find free spins on various video slots.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an intermediate player, you will find free spins useful especially if you love and enjoy free games. In most online casinos, the requirements for playing free spins are few, and most of them do not request any charges. Many online gaming sites will only request for some verifications and instantly award you the free spins.

Tips for Getting More Free Spins and how they Work

All players cannot just turn their backs on the chance of playing and enjoying exciting and colourful games for free. However, there is a small string attached to the free spins. Currently, there are two types of spins; free spin bonus and in-game free spins.

Free spins are not just for new players. In fact most fun-play casinos provide revolving promotions which give away some free spins on certain games since they want to attract new players to try their games.

How to Claim a Free Spins Offer

After opening a new casino account, you should visit the new player promotion options on the site. Take your time to check out the available slot only-promotions for all new players as well as the existing ones. The free spins bonus are the most popular types of slot promotions that most online casinos offer and these promotions provide all new players with a set number of free spins which they can use to play the slots at the fun-play casinos.

Currently, there are two main types of free spins but the crucial part of choosing the type that is right for you is reviewing all the conditions which you agree to fulfill before accepting any offers. It is recommended to go through the fine print that is found under the terms and conditions of every individual fun-play casino.

If you love online free spins, you should keep up with your favourite site’s promotional calendar as well as reading the emails they send out to ensure you do not miss out on any free spin offers.